Bruff's Bark Blog: Winston's Surprise Visit!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Winston's Surprise Visit!

Well it isn't often that I - Tom - have dogs round at mine, usually always walking them but mainly due to this beast known as Thumper.

He's bigger than he looks!

But every so often I have a dog over for a few hours or nights, and this it was Winston it got the privilege to come over for a few hours and meet my bunny - unbeknown to him! Though unlike other dogs that have loved or ignored Thumper, Winston was actually scared of him! It might have been that they are similar sized or he had no idea what to but as you'll see, Winston couldn't even look Thumper in the eyes!

But this isn't to say Winston didn't have a fun time, s you'll see from the next few photos he had a bit too much fun!
Joining me on the laptop!

Doing some posing!

Soaked from playing down at Cramond! 

Taking over the bed now!

After all the excitement, Winston decided it was too much for him.

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